Operating Systems

  • AIX—Slurm support for AIX has been thoroughly tested, but we know of no AIX installations using Slurm after 2008. See IBM AIX User and Administrator Guide for more information.
  • FreeBSD—Fully supported.
  • Linux—Slurm has been thoroughly tested on most popular Linux distributions using i386, ia64, and x86_64 architectures.
  • NetBSD—Fully supported.
  • OS X—Slurm has run OS X in the past, but the current OS X linker does not support Slurm plugins. (OS X dynamically linked objects can be called by the main program. They may not call functions in the main program or other dynamically linked objects, which are features required by Slurm.)
  • Solaris—OpenSolaris is fully supported.
  • Other—Slurm ports to other systems will be gratefully accepted.

Last modified 15 April 2015