What's New

Major Updates in Slurm Version 17.02

Slurm version 17.02 was released in February 2017. See the RELEASE_NOTES and NEWS files included with the distribution for a more complete description of changes. Highlights of that release include:

  • All memory values (in MB) are now 64 bit. Previously, nodes with more than 2 TB of memory would not schedule or enforce memory limits correctly.
  • Automatically clean up task/cgroup cpuset and devices cgroups after steps are completed.
  • Added new sacctmgr commands: "shutdown" (shutdown the server), "list stats" (get server statistics) "clear stats" (clear server statistics).
  • Added burst buffer support for job arrays. Added new SchedulerParameters configuration parameter of bb_array_stage_cnt=# to indicate how many pending tasks of a job array should be made available for burst buffer resource allocation.
  • Added PrologFlags=Serial to disable concurrent execution of prolog/epilog scripts.
  • Added "MailDomain" configuration parameter to qualify email addresses.
  • Added infrastructure for managing workload across a federation of clusters. (partial functionality in version 17.02, fully operational in November 2017)

Last modified 28 March 2017