Release Notes

The following are the contents of the RELEASE_NOTES file as distributed with the Slurm source code for this release. Please refer to the NEWS include alongside the source as well for more detailed descriptions of the associated changes, and for bugs fixed within each maintenance release.


If using the slurmdbd (Slurm DataBase Daemon) you must update this first.

NOTE: If using a backup DBD you must start the primary first to do any
database conversion, the backup will not start until this has happened.

The 23.02 slurmdbd will work with Slurm daemons of version 21.08 and above.
You will not need to update all clusters at the same time, but it is very
important to update slurmdbd first and having it running before updating
any other clusters making use of it.

Slurm can be upgraded from version 21.08 or 22.05 to version 23.02 without loss
of jobs or other state information. Upgrading directly from an earlier version
of Slurm will result in loss of state information.

All SPANK plugins must be recompiled when upgrading from any Slurm version
prior to 23.02.

NOTE: PMIx v1.x is no longer supported.

 -- slurmctld - Add new RPC rate limiting feature. This is enabled through
    SlurmctldParameters=rl_enable, otherwise disabled by default.
 -- Make scontrol reconfigure and sending a SIGHUP to the slurmctld behave the
    same. If you were using SIGHUP as a 'lighter' scontrol reconfigure to rotate
    logs please update your scripts to use SIGUSR2 instead.
 -- Change cloud nodes to show by default. PrivateData=cloud is no longer
 -- sreport - Count planned (FKA reserved) time for jobs running in IGNORE_JOBS
    reservations. Previously was lumped into IDLE time.
 -- job_container/tmpfs - Support running with an arbitrary list of private
    mount points (/tmp and /dev/shm are the default, but not required).
 -- job_container/tmpfs - Set more environment variables in InitScript.
 -- Make all cgroup directories created by Slurm owned by root. This was the
    behavior in cgroup/v2 but not in cgroup/v1 where by default the step
    directories ownership were set to the user and group of the job.
 -- accounting_storage/mysql - change purge/archive to calculate record ages
    based on end time, rather than start or submission times.
 -- job_submit/lua - add support for log_user() from slurm_job_modify().
 -- Run the following scripts in slurmscriptd instead of slurmctld:
    ResumeProgram, ResumeFailProgram, SuspendProgram, ResvProlog, ResvEpilog,
    and RebootProgram (only with SlurmctldParameters=reboot_from_controller).
 -- Only permit changing log levels with 'srun --slurmd-debug' by root
    or SlurmUser.
 -- slurmctld will fatal() when reconfiguring the job_submit plugin fails.
 -- Add PowerDownOnIdle partition option to power down nodes after nodes become
 -- Add "[jobid.stepid]" prefix from slurmstepd and "slurmscriptd" prefix from
    slurmcriptd to Syslog logging. Previously was only happening when logging
    to a file.
 -- Add purge and archive functionality for job environment and job batch script
 -- Extend support for Include files to all "configless" client commands.
 -- Make node weight usable for powered down and rebooting nodes.
 -- Removed 'launch' plugin.
 -- Add "Extra" field to job to store extra information other than a comment.
 -- Add usage gathering for AMD (requires ROCM 5.5+) and NVIDIA gpus.
 -- Add job's allocated nodes, features, oversubscribe, partition, and
    reservation to SLURM_RESUME_FILE output for power saving.
 -- Automatically create directories for stdout/stderr output files. Paths may
    use %j and related substitution characters as well.
 -- Add --tres-per-task to salloc/sbatch/srun.
 -- Allow nodefeatures plugin features to work with cloud nodes.
    e.g. - Powered down nodes have no active changeable features.
         - Nodes can't be changed to other active features until powered down.
	 - Active changeable features are reset/cleared on power down.
 -- Make slurmstepd cgroups constrained by total configured memory from
    slurm.conf (NodeName=<> RealMemory=#) instead of total physical memory.
 -- node_features/helpers - add support for the OR and parentheses operators
    in a --constraint expression.
 -- slurmctld will fatal() when [Prolog|Epilog]Slurmctld are defined but are not
 -- Validate node registered active features are a super set of node's
    currently active changeable features.
 -- On clusters without any PrologFlags options, batch jobs with failed prologs
    nolonger generate an output file.
 -- Add SLURM_JOB_START_TIME and SLURM_JOB_END_TIME environment variables.
 -- Add SuspendExcStates option to slurm.conf to avoid suspending/powering down
    specific node states.
 -- Add support for DCMI power readings in IPMI plugin.
 -- slurmrestd served /slurm/v0.0.39 and /slurmdb/v0.0.39 endpoints had major
    changes from prior versions. Almost all schemas have been renamed and
    modified. Sites using OpenAPI Generator clients are highly suggested to
    upgrade to to using atleast version 6.x due to limitations with prior
 -- Allow for --nodelist to contain more nodes than required by --nodes.
 -- Rename "nodes" to "nodes_resume" in SLURM_RESUME_FILE job output.
 -- Rename "all_nodes" to "all_nodes_resume" in SLURM_RESUME_FILE output.
 -- Add jobcomp/kafka plugin.
 -- Add new PreemptParameters=reclaim_licenses option which will allow higher
    priority jobs to preempt jobs to free up used licenses. (This is only
    enabled for with PreemptModes of CANCEL and REQUEUE, as Slurm cannot
    guarantee suspended jobs will release licenses correctly.)
 -- hpe/slingshot - add support for the instant-on feature.
 -- Add ability to update SuspendExc* parameters with scontrol.
 -- Add ability to restore SuspendExc* parameters on restart with slurmctld -R
 -- Add ability to clear a GRES specification by setting it to "0" via
    'scontrol update job'.
 -- Add SLURM_JOB_OVERSUBSCRIBE environment variable for Epilog, Prolog,
    EpilogSlurmctld, PrologSlurmctld, and mail ouput.
 -- System node down reasons are appended to existing reasons, separated by ':'.
 -- New command scrun has been added. scrun acts as an Open Container Initiative
    (OCI) runtime proxy to run containers seamlessly via Slurm.
 -- Fixed GpuFreqDef option. When set in slurm.conf, it will be used if
    --gpu-freq was not explicitly set by the job step.
 -- srun/sbatch/salloc - In order to support user namespaces, process user and
    group ids are no longer used unless explicitly requested as an argument and
    are left as nobody(99) by default. Any cli_filters or SPANK plugins need to
    ignore any uid or gid that equal SLURM_AUTH_NOBODY (99). User and group ids
    are now resolved by the active auth plugin. To determine the actual job uid
    or gid you should use the RESPONSE_RESOURCE_ALLOCATION RPC.
 -- job_submit plugins - num_tasks in the job description is no longer set for
    salloc/sbatch requests --ntasks-per-node.

CONFIGURATION FILE CHANGES (see appropriate man page for details)
 -- job_container.conf - Added "Dirs" option to list desired private mount
 -- node_features plugins - invalid users specified for AllowUserBoot will now
    result in fatal() rather than just an error.
 -- Deprecate AllowedKmemSpace, ConstrainKmemSpace, MaxKmemPercent, and
 -- Allow jobs to queue even if the user is not in AllowGroups when
    EnforcePartLimits=no is set. This ensures consistency for all the Partition
    access controls, and matches the documented behavior for EnforcePartLimits.
 -- Add InfluxDBTimeout parameter to acct_gather.conf.
 -- job_container/tmpfs - add support for expanding %h and %n in BasePath.
 -- slurm.conf - Removed SlurmctldPlugstack option.
 -- Add new SlurmctldParameters=validate_nodeaddr_threads= option to
    allow concurrent hostname resolution at slurmctld startup.
 -- Add new AccountingStoreFlags=job_extra option to store a job's extra field
    in the database.
 -- Add new "defer_batch" option to SchedulerParameters to only defer
    scheduling for batch jobs.
 -- Add new DebugFlags option 'JobComp' to replace 'Elasticsearch'.
 -- Add configurable job requeue limit parameter - MaxBatchRequeue - in
    slurm.conf to permit changes from the old hard-coded value of 5.
 -- helpers.conf - Allow specification of node specific features.
 -- helpers.conf - Allow many features to one helper script.
 -- job_container/tmpfs - Add "Shared" option to support shared namespaces.
    This allows autofs to work with the job_container/tmpfs plugin when enabled.
 -- acct_gather.conf - Added EnergyIPMIPowerSensors=Node=DCMI and
 -- Add new "getnameinfo_cache_timeout=" option to
    CommunicationParameters to adjust or disable caching the results of
 -- Add new PrologFlags=ForceRequeueOnFail option to automatically requeue
    batch jobs on Prolog failures regardless of the job --requeue setting.
 -- Add HealthCheckNodeState=NONDRAINED_IDLE option.
 -- Add 'explicit' to Flags in gres.conf. This makes it so the gres is not
    automatically added to a job's allocation when --exclusive is used. Note
    that this is a per-node flag.
 -- Moved the "preempt_" options from SchedulerParameters to PreemptParameters,
    and dropped the prefix from the option names. (The old options will still
    be parsed for backwards compatibility, but are now undocumented.)
 -- Add LaunchParameters=ulimit_pam_adopt, which enables setting RLIMIT_RSS in
    adopted processes.
 -- Update SwitchParameters=job_vni to enable/disable creating job VNIs for all
    jobs, or when a user requests them.
 -- Update SwitchParameters=single_node_vni to enable/disable creating single
    node vnis for all jobs, or when a user requests them.
 -- Add ability to preserve SuspendExc* parameters on reconfig with
 -- slurmdbd.conf - Add new AllResourcesAbsolute to force all new resources
    to be created with the Absolute flag.
 -- topology/tree - Add new TopologyParam=SwitchAsNodeRank option to reorder
    nodes based on switch layout. This can be useful if the naming convention
    for the nodes does not natually map to the network topology.
 -- Removed the default setting for GpuFreqDef. If unset, no attempt to change
    the GPU frequency will be made if --gpu-freq is not set for the step.

COMMAND CHANGES (see man pages for details)
 -- sacctmgr - no longer force updates to the AdminComment, Comment, or
    SystemComment to lower-case.
 -- sinfo - Add -F/--future option to sinfo to display future nodes.
 -- sacct - Rename 'Reserved' field to 'Planned' to match sreport and the
    nomenclature of the 'Planned' node.
 -- scontrol - advanced reservation flag MAINT will no longer replace nodes,
    similar to STATIC_ALLOC
 -- sbatch - add parsing for #PBS -d and #PBS -w.
 -- scontrol show assoc_mgr will show username(uid) instead of uid in
    QoS section.
 -- Add strigger --draining and -R/--resume options.
 -- Change --oversubscribe and --exclusive to be mutually exclusive for job
    submission. Job submission commands will now fatal if both are set.
    Previously, these options would override each other, with the last one in
    the job submission command taking effect.
 -- scontrol - Requested TRES and allocated TRES will now always be printed when
    showing jobs, instead of one TRES output that was either the requested or
 -- srun --ntasks-per-core now applies to job and step allocations. Now, use of
    --ntasks-per-core=1 implies --cpu-bind=cores and --ntasks-per-core>1 implies
 -- salloc/sbatch/srun - Check and abort if ntasks-per-core > threads-per-core.
 -- scontrol - Add ResumeAfter= option to "scontrol update nodename=".
 -- Add a new "nodes=" argument to scontrol setdebug to allow the debug level
    on the slurmd processes to be temporarily altered.
 -- Add a new "nodes=" argument to "scontrol setdebugflags" as well.
 -- Make it so scrontab prints client-side the job_submit() err_msg (which can
    be set i.e. by using the log_user() function for the lua plugin).
 -- scontrol - Reservations will not be allowed to have STATIC_ALLOC or MAINT
    flags and REPLACE[_DOWN] flags simultaneously.
 -- scontrol - Reservations will only accept one reoccurring flag when
    being created or updated.
 -- scontrol - A reservation cannot be updated to be reoccurring if it is
    already a floating reservation.
 -- squeue - removed unused '%s' and 'SelectJobInfo' formats.
 -- squeue - align print format for exit and derived codes with that of other
    components (:).
 -- sacct - Add --array option to expand job arrays and display array tasks on
    separate lines.
 -- Partial support for '--json' and '--yaml' formated outputs have been
    implemented for sacctmgr, sdiag, sinfo, squeue, and scontrol. The resultant
    data ouput will be filtered by normal command arguments. Formatting
    arguments will continue to be ignored.
 -- salloc/sbatch/srun - extended the --nodes syntax to allow for a list of
    valid node counts to be allocated to the job. This also supports a "step
    count" value (e.g., --nodes=20-100:20 is equivalent to
    --nodes=20,40,60,80,100) which can simplify the syntax when the job needs
    to scale by a certain "chunk" size.
 -- salloc/sbatch/srun - add user requestible vnis with '--network=job_vni'
 -- salloc/sbatch/srun - add user requestible single node vnis with the
    '--network=single_node_vni' option.
 -- sinfo - The '--json' and '--yaml' output format has been changed to include
    the same information that could provided by regular text output. The prior
    formatted output can now be queried via 'scontrol show nodes --json' or
    'scontrol show nodes --yaml'.
 -- salloc/srun - Remove --uid/--gid options.

 -- job_container plugins - container_p_stepd_create() function signature
    replaced uint32_t uid with stepd_step_rec_t* step.
 -- gres plugins - gres_g_get_devices() function signature replaced pid_t pid
    with stepd_step_rec_t* step.
 -- cgroup plugins - task_cgroup_devices_constrain() function signature removed
    pid_t pid.
 -- task plugins - replace task_p_pre_set_affinity(), task_p_set_affinity(), and
    task_p_post_set_affinity() with task_p_pre_launch_priv() like it was back in
    slurm 20.11.
 -- Allow for concurrent processing of job_submit_g_submit() and
    job_submit_g_modify() calls. If your plugin is not capable of concurrent
    operation you must add additional locking within your plugin.
 -- Removed return value from slurm_list_append().
 -- The List and ListIterator types have been removed in favor of list_t and
    list_itr_t respectively.
 -- burst buffer plugins - add bb_g_build_het_job_script().
    bb_g_get_status() - added authenticated UID and GID.
    bb_g_run_script() - added job_info argument.
 -- burst_buffer.lua - Pass UID and GID to most hooks. Pass job_info (detailed
    job information) to many hooks. See etc/burst_buffer.lua.example for a
    complete list of changes. WARNING: Backwards compatibility is broken for
    slurm_bb_get_status: UID and GID are passed before the variadic arguments.
    If UID and GID are not explicitly listed as arguments to
    slurm_bb_get_status(), then they will be included in the variadic arguments.
    Backwards compatibility is maintained for all other hooks because the new
    arguments are passed after the existing arguments.
 -- node_features plugins - node_features_p_reboot_weight() function removed.
    node_features_p_job_valid() - added parameter feature_list.
    node_features_p_job_xlate() - added parameters feature_list and
 -- New data_parser interface with v0.0.39 plugin.