What's New

Major Updates in Slurm Version 16.05

Slurm version 16.05 was released in May 2016. See the RELEASE_NOTES and NEWS files included with the distribution for a more complete description of changes. Highlights of that release include:

  • Added --deadline option to salloc, sbatch and srun. Jobs which can not be completed by the user specified deadline will be terminated with a state of "Deadline" or "DL".
  • Add an "scontrol top <jobid>" command to re-order the priorities of a user's pending jobs. May be disabled with the "disable_user_top" option in the SchedulerParameters configuration parameter.
  • Add Multi-Category Security (MCS) infrastructure to permit nodes to be bound to specific users or groups.
  • Add --gres-flags=enforce-binding option to salloc, sbatch and srun commands. If set, the only CPUs available to the job will be those bound to the selected GRES (i.e. the CPUs identifed in the gres.conf file will be strictly enforced rather than advisory).
  • Added new job dependency type of "aftercorr" which will start a task of a job array after the corresponding task of another job array completes.
  • Implemented and documented PMIX protocol which is used to bootstrap an MPI job. PMIX is an alternative to PMI and PMI2.
  • Added wrappers for LSF/OpenLava commands.
  • Added Grid Engine options to qsub command wrapper.

Last modified 28 April 2016