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NOTE: This documentation is for Slurm version 20.02.
Documentation for other versions of Slurm is distributed with the code


sacctdisplays accounting data for all jobs and job steps in the Slurm job accounting log or Slurm database
sacctmgrUsed to view and modify Slurm account information.
sallocObtain a Slurm job allocation (a set of nodes), execute a command, and then release the allocation when the command is finished.
sattachAttach to a Slurm job step.
sbatchSubmit a batch script to Slurm.
sbcasttransmit a file to the nodes allocated to a Slurm job.
scancelUsed to signal jobs or job steps that are under the control of Slurm.
scontrolUsed view and modify Slurm configuration and state.
sdiagscheduling diagnostic tool.
sinfoview information about Slurm nodes and partitions.
slurmSlurm system overview.
smdfailure management support tool.
sprioview the factors that comprise a job's scheduling priority
sh5utilmerge utility for acct_gather_profile plugin.
squeueview information about jobs located in the Slurm scheduling queue.
sreportGenerate reports from the slurm accounting data.
srunRun parallel jobs
sshareTool for listing the shares of associations to a cluster.
sstatDisplay various status information of a running job/step.
striggerUsed set, get or clear Slurm trigger information.
sviewgraphical user interface to view and modif. Slurm state.

Configuration Files

acct_gather.confSlurm configuration file for the acct_gather plugins
burst_buffer.confSlurm burst buffer configuration
cgroup.confSlurm configuration file for the cgroup support
ext_sensors.confSlurm configuration file for the external sensor support
gres.confSlurm configuration file for generic resource management.
knl.confSlurm configuration file for Intel Knights Landing management.
nonstop.confSlurm configuration file for failure management.
slurm.confSlurm configuration file
slurmdbd.confSlurm Database Daemon (SlurmDBD) configuration file
topology.confSlurm configuration file for defining the network topology

Daemons and Other

slurmctldThe central management daemon of Slurm.
slurmdThe compute node daemon for Slurm.
slurmdbdSlurm Database Daemon.
slurmrestdThe Slurm REST API daemon.
slurmstepdThe job step manager for Slurm.
SPANKSlurm Plug-in Architecture for Node and job (K)control

Last modified 20 February 2020